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Africans On Record


African American Inventors

Benjamin Banneker - built the first clock in the United States (using only a watch as a model)

Madame C.J. Walker - Hair care products for African American hair, via door-to-door sales


Dr. Daniel Hale Williams - Open Heart Surgery


Elijah McCoy (truly the real "real McCoy") - steam engine lubricator

Frederick Jones - Automatic refrigeration system for long haul trucks

Garett Morgan - Gas Mask, traffic signal

George Crum - Potato Chip

George Washington Carver - hundreds of products from alternate processing methods of peanuts, sweet potatoes, soy beans and peacans, including, glue, dyes, rubber substitutes & adhesives and many other products.

Granville T. Woods - Innovator of Railway systems including controlling flow of electricity, railway communications systems, sensor-type devices

Dr. James E. West – Microphone

John Thompson - Lingo Scripting/Macromedia delivering Shockwave movies

Marie Brown - Home Security Systems, close circuit television systems

Otis Boykin - improved electrical resistor used in computers, radios, television sets, variable resistor used in guided missile parts, a control unit for heart stimulators, a burglar-proof cash register and a chemical air filter

Dr. Patricia Bath - Cataract Laserphaco - removal of cataracts using laser technology

Rufus Stokes - Air Purification to reduce gas and ash emissions

Sara S. Gooode - Folding cabinet bed (predecessor to ironing board)

Dr. Staneley E. Woodard - true Wireless Sensors

Valerie Thomas - Illusion Transmitter - television technology