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DEFINING CULTURE Reflecting its Latin origin in the word cultus, past participle of colere - meaning to inhabit, cultivate, foster, worship or take care of - the term culture holds numerous meanings throughout various disciplines {business, sociology, cultural anthropology, biology and agriculture}. Culture acts as a kind of filter or lens through which we view others, affecting the way we see them and creating multiple perspectives. And that is why we are in the business of Cross-Cultural Branding { Combining Integrated marketing and Communications strategies for Creative Solutions}.

How do we define culture and how does it impact us? Is it the way we dress? The way we eat or prepare food? The kind of cars we like to drive or other means of transportation we might prefer? The colors we choose? The way we perceive life?

Culture is
  • The way we give and receive information, use time and space, or view authority.
  • A framework of behavioral patterns, values, assumptions and experiences shared by a social group.
  • Communication, it impacts how we send and interpret messages; shapes human conduct within a cultural group; is taught and learnt.
  • Like mental software and has accordingly been defined as “the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from others” (Geert Hofstede).


CROSS-CULTURAL BRANDING is a combination of cultural experiences and creative messaging strategies necessary for stakeholders to maximize ROI and impact.


Many experts have provided various definition of cross-cultural branding and AL asserts that any entity executing their marketing efforts in Africa and in the African markets overall, need to craft their messaging for the specific market.

As we are living in a Global Economy, cross-cultural branding encompasses the different elements of culture to produce automatically or unconsciously applied orientation system of collective values, which makes its group members’ behavior comprehensible and to a certain degree predictable for each other”.

The Bridge leads both ways. US and others working to enter African markets in the Diaspora and Africa, and African countries dedicated to increasing investment and tourism, must commit to cross-cultural branding. For example, to augment FDI and DDI, Africa’s global image has to change, and we are committed to providing customized integrated solutions and strategies to attain clients objectives and goals.